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As beautiful as she's fearsome, Jiva is the guardian of the month of Javian. Equipped to protect Javian, she is constantly battling Djaul the demon, whose attempts to prolong the month of Descender never cease. * Be careful, this DLC pack can be activated only for the following game servers: Remington, Nox, Dathura, Amara, Elbor, Efrim. The Jiva Pack includes: 30 days of Booster benefits : +30% XP points in combat and quests +10% chance to drop items at the end of combats +30% Kamas at the end of the combat Exclusive early access to latest areas and content Secondary characters get an XP bonus according to main character level Fill your health with one click Vote for governor’s elections This Booster pack will only be available for the characters on the server you’ll choose after redeeming the pack code. - Krosmoglob Sidekick The Krosmoglob is your new dual element Sidekick, he is also the greatest of all the Air/Water sidekicks ! - Growth Kibble Each growth kibble gives 2 additional levels to pets and petsmounts - Vital Energy Cocktail Gives you back all your Vitality at the end of the next 5 fights. - Drago-Steed of Destruction This mount will increase your movement speed by +50% and give you +40% area (AoE) damages - Emerald Ikiakit A gorgeous Ikiakit for those who collect beautiful things. It allows you to extend your Haven-Bag storage up to 28 more slots. - Young Wild Sow Pet As powerful as cute, this pet gives you +60 HP, +25% Air Damage and increase your initiative by 20 at level 50. 

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